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Tetral Industries

Tetral Industries is a well-established NZ manufacturer of curtain tracks, hardware products and roofing sealant foam, designing products that are versatile and built to last.

Airflo Economy and Premium Vent range
Airflo Vents
Tetral's wide range of durable, aluminium or plastic, pressed louvered vents. They come ready to install with colour matched screws, perfect for D.I.Y projects.
Bitufoam & Ecofoam
Bitufoam & Ecofoam
Our bitufoam sealant strips are available in a variety of sizes and profiles. Bitufoam provides a long lasting seal or compression joint between different surfaces including concrete slabs, the most common application is as a roofing seal.
Mactrac Shower Tracks
Mactrac’s market-leading track systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand using premium quality aluminium that is versatile and built to last. Order online and specify custom bending requirements for your designs.
Grab Rail
Guide Handrails
Guide is a system of professionally engineered aluminium handrails and grab rails, available in a selection of sizes and finishes, that can be used for safety and support in a range of indoor and outdoor settings around your home.
450 Shower Rest
Shower Rest
Our ShowerRest shower seats have been designed specifically for use by the care industry, in facilities catering for pregnant women, people with reduced mobility, or to preserve independence for elderly people in wet areas, changing rooms, and as convenience seats in areas of restricted space.

Mactrac Craftsmanship
Craftsmanship you can trust


Tetral have been manufacturing products in New Zealand for over 70 years, our product development is considered, pragmatic, and we always put our customer first. 

Our brands have become widely specified in residential home and projects throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific through the strong, versatile, attractive profiles and componentry. 

No matter the project, Tetral can always help. Our staff are knowledgable and experienced - with some being with Tetral for nearly 40 years!