Airflo Economy Vent

NZ$21.61 inc GST
Airflo Vent 225mm x 150mm White A46AEVW2215

Aluminium Louvred Economy Vent

  • Powder coated white or anodised silver aluminium vent.
  • Allows for easy airflow into the household.
  • Louvred vents blocks moisture (rain) and debris from passing through the vent.
  • 0.7mm or 0.9mm thick.
  • It won’t rust.
  • Vent is ready to install, no additional preparation required
  • Includes 4 colour-matched screws.
  • Made in NZ

Airflo louvred vents are designed to fit over a hole and proud of the surface. It can be used with foundation ventilation & ventilating wall cavities.  Allowing outside air to flow through, keeping your home dry, fresh and healthier.

More Information

Economy Airflow Vent is a louvred aluminium vent that meets a wide variety of situations where ventilation is required. This includes wall cavities, air conditioning and heating ducts and foundations. In addition to confined spaces where machinery needs venting. 
We offer seven sizes of vents to fill a range of hole sizes.

Please contact us for any custom colour requirements.

You can download the product technical data sheet here:


This vent is sold singularly.