Airflo Heritage Vent


Pre-packaged plastic Heritage Vent. 

225 x 150 x 28mm. 

Standard finishes are white, black, or grey.

Our Heritage foundation vent is designed to be inserted into a foundation aperture. The design of the Heritage vent replicates the style of traditional concrete vents but without the installation or handling drawbacks. In addition ducting can be secured to the back of the vent eliminating the need to compromise the integrity and style of the existing building.

This vent is sold singularly.

Vent Installation Instructions

  1. Clean and clear area when vent is to be fitted.
  2. Check vent fits in void to be filled.
  3. Vent can be painted (paint not provided).
  4. Squirt outdoor silicon sealant (not provided) on two opposite sides of vent and insert vent into void to be filled.
  5. Apply outdoor silicon sealant around vent to hold in place.
  6. If required using template indentations drill holes and secure with screws.

Ducting Connecting Instructions

  1. To connect to ducting, check ducting fits over fins.
  2. Spread silicon onto contact points.
  3. Refit ducting over finds.
  4. Use cable tie to hold in place (not provided).
Heritage IN SITU