Corrugated- Ecofoam- Bulk buy 200 metres

NZ$427.80 inc GST

Ecofoam Corrugate is a firm and durable foam. That is commonly used as a roofing sealant along, steel and poly-carbonate roofs. It is long lasting that is placed along ceiling battens and end closure strips. 

The bulk buy comes in 200 metres (100 x 2m strips). 

Features & Benefits:

  •  Firm durable foam 
  • Gap seal and weather sealant
  • Noise and thermal insulation
  • Moisture, dust and draught seal
  • Pest deterrent
  • 2000mm L x 20mm H x 20mm W

Commonly used:

  • As Roofing sealant (on ceiling battens and end closure strips)
  • On steel or polycarbonate roofs
  • It is recommended to install Ecofoam before the roof is laid, however it can be retrofitted. 

Ecofoam is a closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam. The material (PE) has numerous applications due to its stable and firm nature. It is highly resilient and tough for its weight.

You can see all our available foam profiles in this document: 



Product technical data sheet:

Ecofoam TDS.pdf (239.95 KB)