Guide Hand Rail

Guide Hand Rails

For over 30 years Guide has been design engineered to meet building standards both here and overseas, allowing you to specify our products with complete confidence. Think of Guide as safety – by design. 

Guides Flexi-Fit Handrail

45mm round diameter Flexi-Fit Handrail. Guides Flexi-Fit unique sliding bracket system means that fixing brackets can be positioned where there is a suitable substrate (solid fixing material) This handrail is perfect for more sophisticated projects are able to guarantee customer safety. 

The rail is powder-coated aluminium, to prevent tarnishing or rusting. Standard finishes are cream, black, and bright silver, please Contact Us for special colour requirements.

Guide Flexi-Fit Hand Rail In Black
Bend Tube Handrail

45mm round diameter Bend Tube Handrail. This Handrail has brackets pre-attached to the rail, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation. This ensures the strongest possible installation points, at any given length, for your safety. 

The rail is powder-coated aluminium, to prevent tarnishing or rusting. Standard finishes are cream,black, and bright silver, please Contact Us for nonstandard colour requests. 


Setting The Standards

Guide has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the following codes:

NZS 4121 (1985): Code of Practice for Design for Access and Use of Buildings and Facilities by Disabled Persons
NZS 4203 (1984): Code of Practice for General Structural Design and Design Loadings for Buildings
AS 1428.1 (1988): Design for Access and Mobility. Part 1 – General Requirements for Access – Buildings.
AS 1657 (1985): SA Code for Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders.
AS 1170.1 (1989): SA Loading Code Part 1. Dead and Live Loads and Load Combinations.

Why You Should Choose Guide Grab Rails

Guide's unique bracket system provides greater flexibility for location on suitable substrates when installing. 
Guide is made of durable aluminium which won't rust and requires no maintenance. 
It can be left unpainted, or can be finished in a range of different colours,, making it suitable for a wide variety of decor styles. 
It's modular, allowing components to be transported around the site.
There are no wet finishes so the rail can be installed after the wall linings have been completed  and can be used immediately after installation. 
Guide is easily disassembled for refurbishing or sterilising if required. 
It avoids the need for expensive tailor-made fabrication. 

Guide Handrail Specifications

Guide handrail is available in two diameters, 32mm (R32) and 45mm (R45). Both have an extruded UV- resistant flexible PVC finishing strip in black or white which is fitted into the rail after the brackets have been fixed.

Injection moulded nylon end buttons are provided in black and white and are used to cover the ends of the rail. The 45mm option also has metal endcaps which can be powdercoated or anodised.

For the visually impaired, Guide can be supplied complete with feeler buttons at the end of the rails – part of our commitment to meeting NZS 4121.


Guide complies with the required codes and standards by providing right angle and obtuse bends. Compound and other special bends are available.

Guide handrails use W75 or H70 brackets or PB150's for for post bracket applications. Door pulls use D725 brackets with R32 rail and D730 with R45 rail. All brackets are supplied with fixing screws.

Guide is produced in five metre lengths, with a wide range of powdercoat finishes and it is also available in a popular anodised finish. Brackets can be powdercoated to match the rail.

Note that bends and rails may have slightly different appearances with an anodised finish.
Ordering Information

Guide's Handrails comply within New Zealand Safesty Standards NZS4102, NZS4121, and NZS4203. Think of Guide Handrails as safety - by design.

Due to the unique nature of each Grab Rail, we require you to email or call to order this product. See


for the information required to ensure an accurate quote and product.